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PhenGold is a recently launched weight loss product in the market and I was not convinced about it until I tried it myself.

After using it for only 3 weeks I started to feel a positive change in myself, I was really feeling light and relaxed and got the feeling as if my body is being intoxicated.

The product’s label indicates that PhenGold will help you to lose weight naturally without any side effects and it can burn fat, reduce cravings and boost metabolism, mood and energy.

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Their claims went absolutely right in my favor, I am enjoying my weight loss journey without feeling weakened.

It’s been three months since I am taking PhenGold pills as prescribed (3 in the morning) and saw amazing results with a loss of 23 pounds!

In this article, I’ll share my experience using PhenGold, so that you can benefit from what I’ve learned.


For optimal benefits, PhenGold should be taken daily. PhenGold can assist in the following ways:

  • Burn fat
  • Reduce cravings
  • Boost metabolism, mood and energy
  • Suppress your appetite without causing any kind of harm to your health

PhenGold gives you an exceptional amount of energy without causing any side effects because it is made up of all-natural ingredients.

Ingredients in the PhenGold keep you encouraged and don’t let you to give up your weight loss goals.

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All the ingredients in PhenGold are safe and extracted from natural herbs. They are safe for your health and benefit you without causing any kind of side effects.

These ingredients help your body to shed extra pounds without disturbing your normal metabolism.

Upon further research, I have found that this product was not manufactured blindly with random weight loss ingredients but each ingredient that you will find in PhenGold is backed by scientific research, and I will show you the references later in this article.

I have figured out that the following ingredients are the key to PhenGold performance and most of them are natural herbs as described earlier,

Green Tea (500mg)

Green tea is well known for its fat-burning properties and boosting metabolisms.

Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG and caffeine are the two active compounds that are present in green tea.

These two compounds have thermogenic properties and they can boost your metabolism can convert your stored body fat into energy. An increase in metabolism helps you weight loss. See research evidence here  & here

Caffeine (225mg)

Burns fat, boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, increases energy and focus. as shown by many clinical trials, natural caffeine is a must-have for eliciting weight loss and increasing energy levels.

Rhodiola Rosea (250mg)

It is well known for burning fat and increasing energy. Read a useful article about it here

Cayenne Pepper (200mg)

Capsaicinoids are chemicals found in chilli peppers; they have bioactive properties. These capsaicinoids could burn as many as 50 extra calories per day. See scientific evidence

I suggest you visit the official website of PhenGold where you will find a complete ingredients list as well as the scientific references that you will find at the bottom of the page.

Overall my research that PhenGold contains a unique blend of ingredients that I haven’t found in any other related products, you don’t only burn fat but your metabolism gets boosted as well as you gain a lot of focus and energy to stay committed with your weight loss goals.

Now I figured out why PhenGold is gaining popularity so fast.

Let’s have a look at the reviews from other users about the PhenGold.


Everybody as well as I first looked for the reviews from the genuine people who have actually used the products and I have found plenty on the PhenGold official website as well as on Youtube and Quora.

I am not sharing all of the reviews here in this article but one review I think is worth mentioning here,
Julie has lost 35 pounds in 6 months, she highlighted that her focus was improved that kept her going with her weight loss journey.



After seeing real customers’ experiences with it, I was satisfied that it could work as advertised. I wanted to experience it myself,


It has never been easy to lose weight, but it should not be impossible either.

But surely after years of trying to get healthier, some progress should have been made. Even there was a time came when I decided to give up and let it be, on the other hand, I was also very concerned about my obesity issues and the I had a fear of getting the sicknesses that are associated with obesity.

Fortunately, i read about PhenGold in a magazine for being effective in weight loss and its exceptional popularity index. At first, I was doubtful that I may not get the results that I want but seeing their 100 days money back guarantee, I decided to give it a try.

Here was my routine of taking this supplement that helped me lose weight:

Before sharing my journey with PhenGold I followed this routine that boosted up my efforts,

  1. I skipped snacks between my 3 meals but I didn’t skip any of my meals as meals are source of providing the energy you need to run your body effectively. However the snacks I used to take between the meals I skipped them, this helped me to get rid of the extra reserves that my body was building and had no use to me.
  2. Number two, I reduced my carb intake because the carbohydrates are the main source of providing energy to your body, when I skipped the carbs then my body started to consume the stored inside fat by converting it into energy.
  3. I started doing more exercise, so on the one hand I was eating less and on the other side I was working out more. This helped me to lose more body fat.

I ordered three months’ supply and my order arrived in only a week at Westminster where I live. I took three PhenGold pills 20 minutes before my breakfast with water as indicated on the product’s label.

I ate some fruits empty stomach and did my routine breakfast, after that, I didn’t eat anything except drinking water until lunch.

I did jogging for 30 minutes in the evening.

Lately, I had dinner, the key here was that I tried to stick with a vegetarian diet, but occasionally I also took nonveg.

After following the above routine consistently for 3 months with PhenGold, I lost almost 23 pounds of my weight. I am still taking this supplement and I am quite positive that I will achieve the target weight that I always wished for.

After that, I am planning to keep taking these pills for the purpose of maintaining my weight, but I’ll take them at a lower dose a “maintenance dose”.

I am happy how my colleagues appreciate my new looks, I feel more confident now.

I didn’t suffer a single side effect from using PhenGold rather I feel more healthy and physically active.

Want to see what PhenGold can do for you? Click here to go to the official website.


PhenGold is a unique weight loss supplement that actually helped me lose 23 pounds of weight. It contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that are proven to lose weight and boosting your energy and focus. PhenGold has no side affects you can use it without any hesitation. Moreover, it comes with a 100 days money back guarantee so if you are not getting results then you can simply return the product and take your money back.